Extraordinary Approaches with Outlandish Solutions. We will take on any Lift. 


Some loads require an extraordinary approach, be it due to time constraints, location, confined space, or just the complete outlandishness of the solution. We take on any lift. 

We've set ourselves apart as a small company with a big heart, taking on projects as diverse as building a 777 000kg jetty on the CONGO RIVER (completed in 3 weeks) to raising the 528m2, 34t Gantry roof at BP Cape Town's Bulk Fuel Storage Facility. However, it's in confined spaces where machines can't reach that we really excel, like moving the Eskom Koeberg Operational Simulator from the Administration Building to a new training facility,  rigging out bolts in a Radio Active Zone or assisting with complex sequential lifts to move large mechanical components in tiny spaces.